Best Bucharest Accommodation

  • 15/10/2022

Bucharest, a city with a considerable 500 years old history, matches any bustling metropolis in terms of modern infrastructure and stunning attractions. Full of liveliness and diverse sources of entertainment combine together to impart it the status of one of the hot favorite tourist destinations in the world. Innumerable attractions in the city inspire you to prolong your stay here. And you will not regret if you take such a decision as the Cazare Bucuresti will make it a memorable time of your life. Once known as Small Paris, this city manifests its past along the Calea Victoriei and Piata Victoriei-you will find ample of evidence in the streets leading from them. National Museum of History lies on the Calea Victoriei. The Romanian Athenaeum, George Enescu Palace, and the Museum of Art Collection are also possessing fantastic attributes to be appreciated. So, you cannot afford to miss out on these beautiful assets of the city.

Talking of architectural excellence in Bucharest reveals the name of the Parliament Palace which has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. This has the credit of being the world's second-largest administrative building after the Pentagon. Besides these stunning architecture, museums, galleries and several other sorts of entertainment resources, the rural beauty in the city is also quite impressive. Especially the Village Museum on the bank of Lake Herastrau in Bucharest features some really interesting facts about rural regions. It was one of the first open-air ethnographic museums in the world. Churches in Bucharest represent the history of Bucharest when you talk of Romanian architectural style. Church of St.Gheorghe on Magheru, Cretulescu Church on Calea Victoriei, and several others are among the famous ones. You can also visit the Old Princely Museum which is an intriguing spot to be at. Most of Bucharest Romania's hotels are located nearby these wonderful attractions.

Industry weathers difficult operating environment

We thought operating conditions were tough in 2008 but 2009 proves to be another challenging year for the tourist accommodation industry with the international financial crisis, the impact of the recent Russia-Ukraine gas disputes and the Middle East conflict overseas visitor arrivals plummeting.

International visitor arrivals dropped by 8.9% in the six months from June

Yet, room occupancy rates for hotels held well with the average rate for the first half of 2008 at 62.3%, down 6.8% points from the same period in 2007 and that for motels & guesthouses was down 1.9% point. Serviced apartments fared slightly better with an average occupancy rate of 64.4%, down 1.4% points.

The second half of 2008 became less active in the hotels, motels & guesthouses and serviced apartments market with the average room occupancy rate and average takings per room night occupied down 4.3% points and 8.6% on the year second half respectively. This caused a weaker performance for the tourist accommodation market for 2008 as a whole.

Overall, the tourist accommodation market fared worst than initially expected largely because of the domestic and European travel market as residents opted to holiday at home. Short-term resident arrival fell by 2% in 2008 per the National market, extending the weak trend at least until 2009. Domestic and foreign visitor nights in hotels, motels and guesthouses and serviced apartments in Bucharest dropped by 2.8% in 2008.

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