Hummer Limousine Hire

  • 12/10/2021

Limousine hire has been a long tradition especially in the UK. The first limousine was built in 1902. Its design was made to have the driver seat outside the car main body in a front covered compartment. The first stretch car was built in 1928 by Fort Smith.

Limousine hire is traditionally associated with weddings and for carrying celebrities to major performing events. However, due to their reduced hiring charges, you can now cheaply treat your family to an evening out with a hired limousine or just relax with your friends in a limo while partying.

Limousines come in diverse designs. Some have slide doors, leather seats that fold up, different seats arrangements, multimedia functionality and many other features that goes with style and luxury. The seat capacity depends on the stretch length and interior design.

Limousine hiring options

There are many car options to pick from when deciding on a limousine hire. The most common limousines include the Benz and the Rolls Royce. These cars come in the standard stretch where you can have eight people seated comfortably. Some of the rarer car brands that are getting a lot of attention in the recent past are the Hummer stretch or the Range Rover stretch. Other newer models include the Cadillac, Chrysler, Ford, Holden, Jaguar, Lexus, Lincoln and Volkswagen. Limousines hire also includes the super stretch models. The super stretch limousines are usually custom stretched to the requirements of the limousine buyer. You can have these limousines stretched to fit up to sixteen people comfortably.

Costs of a limo hire

The cost of limousines hire has drastically reduced in the recent past as many companies compete with great offers. With the economic downturn, limousine companies were majorly hit and many reduced their hiring rates. Limousines are no longer left just for the politicians, celebrities and the very rich. Every average citizen can now afford a few hours limousine hire for a party night out or for any other reason. Though the prices range from one supplier to another, the prices are pretty low and especially on low peak seasons. You can hire the standard Chrysler limos for £ 99 for half an hour within London. The rates reduce when you hire for longer periods. A Benz standard stretch hire is about £ 200 for 2 hours. However, the Hummer or Range Rover stretch are the most expensive in the UK. Some of the limousines hire companies charge as high as £ 600 an hour for the stretch Hummer limousine.

Where to get the best prices

If you are looking for a limousines hire for an event, there are many options you can pick from. The easiest way to hire a limousine is through the internet. You can compare prices easily and identify the best offer in the market. You can also compare the different hiring options to get an ideal option that fits your tastes and budget.

How to Book a Limousine Hire

Once you have identified the car you would like to hire, call and make a booking. When taking the limousine hire, you will need various details including the date of travel, contact address, pick up and drop off address and duration of the hire. If you need any extras such as a baby seat or trailer, you will also need to inform the hiring company at the time of booking to make some prior arrangements.

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