The High Atlas Mountains with Kasbah du Toubkal

  • 18/04/2021

And here we are, standing at 2200 meters within the High Atlas range in Morocco, with Mohamed – our 22-years old Berber mountain guide; the bravest mule – Daisy that accompanied us for the entire two days within the mountains; and two lovely friends I met just few months ago. Never in my wildest dreams i might imagine that I’ll find yourself talking and living with Berbers in Morocco even just for a couple of days.

This was all because of Kasbah du Toubkal – a Berber Hospitality Center and a Luxury Eco occupy Imlil valley, that took care of our 2-day hiking trip within the High Atlas in Morocco. If you're an outside enthusiast as i'm , this experience may be a great alternative to visiting the favored big cities or the Sahara .

High Atlas range in Morocco
The High Atlas range in Morocco is a weather system barrier within the country separating the Sahara from the Mediterranean and continental zones to the north and west.

The Atlas Mountains are primarily inhabited by Berber populations, who live mostly from agriculture. The range may be a famous hiking spot for people from everywhere the planet . During winter, there's also a chance for winter sports.

Many international travellers find yourself in Imlil valley – a start line for many of the hiking trails within the High Atlas. That’s where our journey started also .

From Marrakesh to Kasbah du Toubkal
As most hikers, we started our journey in Marrakesh (see also my Marrakesh guide). Our accommodation took care of the transfer from our hotel in Marrakesh. It took around 1 hour and 20 minutes to urge to Imlil valley and Kasbah du Toubkal.

For subsequent two days, we saw and felt how Berbers in Morocco live – we slept during a locals’ house and ate home-made tagines, learned some Berber words and saw how people within the mountain live.

From the very beginning, the staff at Kasbah du Toubkal made us desire home. The high-level service and therefore the friendly staff showed us what the Berber hospitality is all about.

I had never imagined Morocco as a hiking destination. However, the view from the lodge made me want to measure there forever.

If you opt to travel for a tougher trek, there's also a chance to climb the Toubkal peak – the very best in North Africa . This time, we went for a scenic and more relaxed hike.

Hiking the High Atlas mountain
What we did within the High Atlas was a two-day trek from and back to Imlil valley through Azzadn valley. We spent one night during a occupy Azzadn, where Berbers took care folks while our feet were resting after the long day within the mountains.

Our trip:

Day 1: 6 hours hike from Imlil valley to Azzadn valley with lunch in between.
One night during a occupy Azzadn valley.
Day 2: ~7 hours hiking from Azzadn valley back to Imlil with lunch in between.
The trek wasn't hard and is sweet for beginners. We had many breaks in between and took our time to rest when needed.

The mountain terrain was steeper within the beginning – the primary 3 hours of the hike, until we reached the place for lunch. then , it had been mostly a downhill hike with beautiful views to the mountains.

During the entire trek, we were amid a mule – which was carrying our luggage, and two guides with us. Our mountain guide – Mohamed, born and bred in Imlil valley, was only 22 years old but experienced enough to steer us through the mountain. We even learnt a couple of Berber words on the way.

What to bring: comfortable hiking shoes, sunscreen, hiking poles, a sun hat, water, long pants , a camera. You’ll also need something to hide your shoulders and knees once you are passing through the villages.

Luggage: The mule are going to be carrying your backpacks and extra water.

Food: All the breakfasts, lunches and dinners are taken care by the hosts from Kasbah du Toubkal during the entire 2-day experience.

Language: All the staff in Kasbah du Toubkal and your mountain guide speak English. Most of the people in Morocco speak French.

Other than that, you only got to enjoy the hike, take many pictures and soak within the once-in-a-lifetime experience hiking the High Atlas mountain in Morocco.

Staying at Kasbah du Toubkal
Besides a start line for the hikes within the mountain, Kasbah du Toubkal is additionally an excellent place just to relax and luxuriate in the Berber hospitality outside of the busy cities.

Located at 1820 metres altitude, the lodge is surrounded by great mountain views. within the village, you'll find many shops, cafes, restaurants and curious and smiling Berbers.

The accommodation: The authentic eco guest house, travel by local Berbers, is open all year round. you'll find an honest combination of recent comfort and authentic hospitality within the Toubkal park . A garden, large open terraces, a library, a hammam – anything you would like for an excellent stay.

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