Top 10 Spain's Best Places for visit

  • 18/04/2021

1.  The Sagrada Familia

The outstanding Sagrada Familia Basilica located within the city of Barcelona remains the foremost visited attraction in Spain and is arguably the simplest place to go to in Spain. it's one among the foremost popular single attractions within the world.

This stunning Gothic structure mesmerises its visitors with its sheer beauty and highly unique architecture, which may be a combination of Gothic and modern.

A world heritage site, the Alhambra attracts over three million visitors annually and offers access to different parts of the church including a museum, shop, nave, crypt and towers. Opening hours for public visits are between 9 am to six pm during the winter months and until 8 pm within the summer months.

2.  Alhambra Palace Granada

If there's one place you ought to visit in Spain, it should the Alhambra Palace in Granada. Situated during a privileged position overlooking the gorgeous city of Granada in Andalucia, the Alhambra may be a sprawling complex of immense beauty.

First mentioned within the year 899 as alittle fortress, the Alhambra Palace was rebuilt within the mid-eleventh century then transformed from a fortress into a palace after getting used as a “medina”, with the addition of more and more buildings. Top attractions within the Alhambra Palace to go to include the Lions Patio, the Royal Manor and therefore the exquisite Alcazaba.

With numerous visitors it's always best to book your tickets beforehand as there are often long queues at the box office counting on the time of year.

The Alhambra is open Monday to Sunday from 8 am to eight pm with extra evening visits Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10 pm to 11.30 pm. Entrance fees vary counting on the world of the palace and grounds you would like to go to and therefore the sort of tour, prices range from €7.00 to €16.95

3.  The Royal Palace Madrid

Madrid is home to at least one of the foremost impressive royal pаlасеѕ іn Eurоре and will get on your itinerary of places to go to i Spain.

Located within the heart of Spain’s capital city, it boasts over 2000 luxuriously decorated rооmѕ, 50 of which are hospitable the general public .

The palace іѕ ѕtіll used fоr head of ѕtаtе vіѕіtѕ аnd оthеr important сеrеmоnіеѕ. The impressive structure was built еntіrеlу оf granite and ѕtоnе frоm the nearby Sіеrrа dе Guаdаrrаmа range .

It is hospitable the general public seven days every week from 10 am to six pm during the winter months and stays open until 8 pm within the summer months ( April to September ). the essential admission is €10 with group discounts available. Guides cost just €4 and an audio-guide is €3.

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4.  Seville Cathedral

Seville may be a excellent spot to go to almost any time of the year and one among its star attractions is that the Santa Maria de la Sede Cathedral, the most important Gothic cathedral within the world and recognised as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Seville Cathedral is an imposing sight, located within the heart of the town just a couple of minutes walk from the Guadalquivir River. the development lasted for overflow a century, the thought of city elders at the time was to “ to create the grandest and most luxurious Cathedral that folks will think us mad”. The stunning central Nave rises overflow 40 meters and is flanked by 80 side chapels. The Basilica was built on the location of the Aljama mosque from the Moorish dynasty which dates back to the 12th century.

5.  Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Located within the region of Galicia in northwest Spain you'll find the impressive Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, one among the foremost imposing structures of its kind in Spain. Its significance is gigantic because it marks the top of the famous Camino de Santiago for several thousands of pilgrims annually .

Construction of the Cathedral began in 1075 under the direction of Bishop Pelaez on the location of an old church dedicated to St James.

It was inbuilt various styles over the various years it took to finish including Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque and Neoclassical.

Various admission options are available, the guided roof tour costs €12, access to the museum is €6, a guided tour of the cathedral is €10 and a combined tour ticket is €15 per person. A reduced rate is out there surely groups and youngsters under 12 years aged enter for free of charge .

6. Reina Sofia National Art Museum  - Madrid

The Reina Sofia National Art Museum is one among the foremost visited in Spain with overflow 3 million visitors a year.

The museum is found within the old General hospital built during the reign of Charles III, and was designated a Historic-Artistic monument in 1977. it had been inaugurated because the new Reina Sofia National Art museum in 1992 by the King and therefore the Queen of Spain Juan Carlos and Sofía.

The museum is now home to a number of the foremost prized art collections anywhere in Europe including works of art by Salvador Dali, Joan Miro. Picasso's "Guernica" is on show on the bottom floor and is one among the foremost important works exhibited here.

It underwent a serious reform in 2005 and now has an auditorium seating up to 500 people and another smaller one with a 200 seat capacity, along side an outsized arts and humanities library.

7.  San Lorenzo of El Escorial

Located just a 50-minute drive to the north of Madrid lies the incredible Royal Monastery “El Escorial”. The order to create the monastery came from King Philip II to commemorate the victory of the battle of San Quentin in 1557 over France.

The structure took over 20 years to create and within time became the cemetery of all the Spanish Monarchs, a practice that is still to the present day. the size of the San Lorenzo Monastery can only truly be appreciated once you actually visit the location .

It is just a brief train or car ride to San Lorenzo from Madrid. Entrance tickets are often obtained at the most anteroom or easily booked online via the official website below. the essential admission is €10 for adults and just €5 for youngsters up to 16 years aged , a price well worth paying to ascertain such a powerful historic attraction.

8.  The Great Mosque of Cordoba

The charming Andalucian city of Cordoba is most famous for the impressive Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral located within the heart of the town . the good Arab Mosque which dates back to 784 A.D, becoming a World Heritage site in 1984. Cordoba was founded by the Romans within the 2nd Century and have become on the foremost important cities under the rule of emperor Augustus, the cities great era though came within the 8th century when it had been conquered by the Moors.

Apart from the good Mosque Cordoba is filled with interesting places to go to including the famously decorated garden patios, the Zoco craft market, Casa Andalusi, the Jewish quarter or the banks of the Guadalquivir River.

9. Alcazar of Segovia

The Alcazar of Segovia is one among the foremost distinctive castles in Spain thanks to its unique shape and variety of fairy-tale turrets. Used as a ” Royal Residence” it had been built round the 12th century by the Berber dynasty, originally built as a fortress it had been later became a palace and academy .

Visitors enjoy exploring many areas of the castle come palace including the throne room, the toilet II tower and outer walls. Entrance prices vary from €2.50 to €8.50 counting on the areas you would like to go to , the complete tour though is very recommended.

There is much to ascertain round the city of Segovia so one full day exploring the Alcazar its sites might not be enough s0 if you'll sleep over a minimum of one night you'll not be disappointing

10. Running with the Bulls Pamplona

If you're looking to be a part of one among Spain’s hottest high octane fuelled fiestas, the San Fermines Running with the Bulls festival is for you. annually during the San Fermines fiestas many thousands or visitors flock to Pamplona to participate in running alongside 12 plenty of running bulls ( Toros Bravos ) which are let loose at 8 am each morning to run a prepared route round the city of Pamplona.

The bulls then chase and hound the runners ( mozos ) until all of them reach the bullring. And if the bull running may be a little frenetic for your tastes then simply enjoy the picture-perfect city of Pamplona which offers many quaint tapas bars, charming streets and quite its justifiable share of historic sites.

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